Reading List

In Nursery 1 and 2 we follow “In the moment planning” where the children’s interests lead the direction of the learning. This means that we use books which are linked to what the children’s current interests are, so the books can often be different from one session to another. This is however, underpinned by a core set of texts which we feel all children in EYFS should encounter, in order to build their own personal bank of stories.  In Reception, broad topics are chosen, again through reflection of the children’s key interests year to the next.

From Year 1 to Year 6, we use books which are explicitly linked to the wider curriculum; this ensures that children have a wider understanding of their year group’s theme as it’s taught across all subjects, not just as it is presented in history and geography lessons. The children also get to delve into the books on a deeper level because they’ll be accessing it in all subjects. For example, in Year 2 one of their geography topics is ‘Oceans’ where they complete book based art about ‘The Rainbow Fish’, book based English about ‘Grandma Bird’, book based R.E. on ‘Jonah and The Whale’ etc -linking all subjects to their main topic of Oceans ensures that their understanding will be greater and wider.


Below are the main texts which each year group from Years 1 to 6 will cover alongside additional books which are picked based upon the class’ interests. Many of the texts are used in English as part of the scheme ‘Take One Book’ which has a focus on using books as a talking tool to enhance children’s oracy skills.