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DT Curriculum statement. 


Our DT curriculum is structured to ensure that it is progressive and meets the requirements set out in the National Curriculum. It is planned and taught in such a way that it supports the learning in other curriculum areas to support how knowledge is embedded. It encourages pupils to make connections with these aspects of humanities and the real world enabling the pupils to think critically, creatively and to solve problems in different ways.



DT is structured so that pupils encounter core aspects of the subject such as food, structures, mechanisms and electrical are revisited to ensure skills and knowledge are built on year by year. Teachers use Projects on a Page units to support this. 


All teaching of DT follows the evaluate, design, make and evaluate cycle with opportunities for pupils to evaluate existing products in order to develop their own ideas.  Each stage is rooted in technical knowledge and in real life, relevant contexts to give meaning to the learning. We are currently creating our own bespoke unit plans to ensure that genuine connections are made to support the learning across other areas of the curriculum.

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