The Nominees for Parent Governor

Personal statements



I would appreciate the honour of being parent governor of Medlock Primary school as It would give me the opportunity to get to know parents better, listen to, respond to and address their concerns and also face whatever challenges that come across in ensuring the safety and well-being of their children. I am confident enough for this position as I am a true believer in progress, I value and respect everyone's opinion and have the motivation to encourage others to speak out or raise any issues affecting the progress of their children and to challenge situations that don't seem right. Our children are the future, and as parent governor, I know I can represent our children and ensure they maximize on the best possible education towards a bright future no matter what challenges they face. As a parent, I want the best for my children and I know everyone else does too.



I'd like to be Parent Governor as I'm passionate about the future of our children and giving them the best possible education we can.

I believe our children should have the best opportunity to thrive whilst at Medlock,then take all that they have gained further in their lives once they go onto high school. Having had all 5 of my children at one point, with now 3 currently at Medlock in years 2, 4 and 6, I believe I would help to make decisions on what isbest for your children, you as a family and the whole school community.

I am fair but firm when making decisions and will always push for the best outcomes, putting in the extra support when needed to help every child at Medlock Schoolsucceed and reach their full potential. I'm keen to start fundraising in different ways to improve things at the school andalso to be able to offer new exciting opportunities to benefit the children such as different types of extra curricular activities. Medlock educates, cares for and challenges our children and I'd be honoured to be part of the team that supportsthat.



Medlock Primary School is a fantastic school, however with a ‘need for improvement’ OFSTED rating I would like to help the school to improve and develop further.
My name is Sharmeena Waseem, and I have 2 children, in year 4 & 5. I have over 14 years’ experience within the financial sector, more specifically within the banking, taxation and stockbroking areas. I believe my ongoing Accounting & Finance degree, alongside my previous experiences, are all the necessary skills that can be used
within the role of School governance resources committee. Helping the school to deal with all financial elements will ensure funds are well spent to help the school to continue being resourceful.
Due to my current circumstance, I have the time to make a commitment for this demanding role and so will be able to attend meetings, governors training if necessary and attend school when required.
One of the areas that I am keen to understand is how the school is currently functioning, by doing so I will gain an invaluable insight of how the school operates within its means, as I feel this is a key element when running an ethical learning institution.
I have the confidence to challenge anything on behalf of the children and am also eager to support the dedicated staff and school to continue running effectively.
Although I do not have school governance experience,

I feel my 14+ years financial experience, my ongoing Accounting & Finance degree, people handling skills and the ability to adhere to the common law duty of confidentiality, means that I would make a strong candidate to financially guide the school on how to operate